Nanoil Argan Oil: Viable alternative to coconut oil

Coconut oil doesn’t always make a workable solution. Sometimes its consistency and concentration of saturated fatty acids disqualify it from being applied to hair, hence the alternative. An oil which shares similar properties (or even having better qualities) that can be applied to hair and skin is the one extracted from argan nuts. Find out which oil is better and why you should have it.

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The closest rival for coconut oil is argan oil obtained from kernels growing in a tree native to Morocco only. What makes this popular oil a good alternative to dense coconut butter? Keep reading!

Coconut oil VS Argan oil

The similarities shared by argan and coconut oil are numerous. Both oils are equally rich in essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. Also, both of them are emollients responsible for shielding hair and skin against moisture lost. Moreover, these oils leave hair soft, smooth and bouncy.

However, the list of differences is longer. For example, coconut oil is easier to access and is generally cheaper. Still, it’s common to come across counterfeits of coconut oil, some of which are destined for consumption only or combined with other oils. It appears to be more beneficial to buy argan oil because, despite being more expensive, it’s a premium product of the highest quality, used by professionals. Also, argan oil is definitely more pleasant to use, which is mainly owed to its lightweight formula and a high absorption rate. When it comes to coconut oil, it resembles more of butter, it’s dense and fatty so once applied, it may overburden skin and leave hair clumpy.

Why is argan oil better?

  • Has a lighter consistency that considerably eases application.
  • Penetrates hair/skin fast without overburdening.
  • Suits all hair types.
  • Is richer in nourishing substances (over 100).
  • Is a natural beauty product of the best quality.
  • Provides comprehensive care: shields against sun, temperature, urban pollution.
  • Is more efficient, holds out longer.

Which argan oil is the best?

Now, when we settled that argan oil is better than coconut oil, it’s time to learn which argan oil should you turn to.

The choice is simple – the finest argan oil is cold-pressed and unrefined because only such substance hides 100% of what’s the best in argan oil. If it’s certified and comes from organic farming, you can be sure that each drop of the oil contains maximum nourishing substances (fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and protecting agents).

If you’re looking for a high quality argan oil, choose organic, cold-pressed and unrefined Nanoil oil that is entirely made of 100% certified argan oil.

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Briefly on Nanoil Argan Oil

INGREDIENTS: Nanoil Argan Oil has only one ingredient, which is the highest quality oil extracted from argan nuts originating from Morocco. There are no extra additives included that may have a negative impact on the oil. Obviously, Argan Oil by Nanoil is free from preservatives, synthetic colorants, aromas, silicones. This is an entirely natural beauty product of simple composition, which definitely works to this oil’s advantage.

EFFECTS: Nanoil Argan Oil can be applied to hair and skin. It improves moisture, smooths out, encourages self-regenerating processes as well as delays development of fine lines (i.e. wrinkles). Day by day the oil beautifies hair and body by supplying them with precious nourishing substances and protecting against the sun, high temperature and urban pollution. When it comes to the effects that Nanoil Argan Oil is able to bring about, it turns out that this oil is one of the most versatile natural cosmetics.

FORMULA: Another good side of this oil is its formula. First and foremost, the aroma isn’t intensive therefore it suits everyone. Also, Argan Oil isn’t too thick so it doesn’t overburden or leave greasy film. Moreover, this oil penetrates skin in no time leaving pleasant soft feel.

USE: Owing to this incredibly light formula, Argan Oil by Nanoil can be used solo and as an alternative to many drugstore cosmetics (balms, creams, serums). It’s perfectly suitable to be used in body massage, hair oil treatment and even to improve the state of eyelashes and fingernails. Finally, Argan Oil can be combined with your favorite beauty products or mixed with other Nanoil oils.

PRICE: The truth is, when you take into consideration how versatile and efficient Nanoil Argan Oil is, you wouldn’t consider it expensive. It’s makes an economic purchase, especially when realized that we receive genuine, cold-pressed and unrefined oil.

WHERE TO BUY: The best way to get Argan Oil is to visit the official Nanoil website.