DIY: Regenerative Hair Mask with Coconut Oil

Many women have to deal with problem of damaged hair, which are difficult to regenerate and to restore their previous form. Recommended cosmetics of those cheaper and more expensive brands often fail and visit to hairdresser can only mean hair cut. This is a moment to try natural method, like regenerative hair mask with coconut oil. Let us introduce to you a simple recipe.

Main cause of bad hair condition is improper conditioning and excessive weighting down. Regular dyeing (often at home or by incompetent hairdresser), frequent thermic stylisation (straightening, curling) or chemical stylisation, bad atmospheric conditions (e.g. freezing winter), and even stress – it all has weakening influence on hair condition.

The answer to the problem of damaged hair is coconut oil, e.g. natural oil rich in fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Conditioning ingredients from coconut oil can effectively regenerate, nourish and strengthen hair by restoring their healthy and beautiful look. They will be best absorbed through nourishing hair mask.

– 1 table spoon of coconut oil,
– 1 spoon of grapeseed oil,
– half of spoon of lemon juice or 10 drops of rosemary essential oil.

How to prepare it:

Melt coconut oil – you can do that in a microwave (few second is enough), in a small mug or in a water bath (place a bowl over pot with hot steam). To melted coconut oil add grapeseed oil (or other suitable equivalent) and lemon juice for light hair or rosemary oil for darker hair. Mix all ingredients thoroughly.

How to apply hair mask:

Prepared hair mask apply on damp hair, best if hair mask is still warm. Hair with mask on them cover with plastic cap or kitchen foil and then on top of that wrap a warm towel. It will enhance properties of active ingredients. You can also heat created towel turban with hair dryer. After 10 minutes rinse hair mask, and wash hair with delicate shampoo.