Go for coconut. Meet cosmetics with coconut oil!


cosmetics with coconut oilThe natural oil obtained from coconut pulp is a source of essential to health nourishing substances. In the past, it was diminished because of a high amount of saturated fatty acids in its composition. Today we know that these are essential to our diet. Most of all, it is irreplaceable in skin and hair care!

Coconut oil has many valuable properties, and all of them come directly from the composition. The majority of coconut oil is lauric acid that indicates strong anti-fungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties. In the composition of coconut oil is about 80-90% of saturated fatty acids and about 4-10% of unsaturated fatty acids.

Coconut oil breaks popularity records among cosmetics because:

  • it perfectly supports an organism immunity system,
  • it is vitamin bomb and has intense nourishing action,
  • it indicates moisturising properties,
  • it protects hair against water loss,
  • it calms skin irritations.

Apparently, you can buy coconut oil in the nearest grocery shop. For the cosmetic purposes, it is better to use an unrefined version of the product. Food coconut oil is devoid of numerous precious properties.

For conditioning excellent is, for example, Mokosh Cosmetic Coconut Oil. That is natural cosmetic oil, dermatologists tested. Thanks to cold pressing it preserves all the properties of natural coconut and its excellent composition.

However, use of pure coconut oil requires minimum knowledge on its action. Coconut oil is not for use on all hair because not every time has nourishing action but hair can be frizzy. It works better in combination with other oils and active substances. Instead of using coconut oil individually or making it yourself, try proven cosmetic.

The highest quality coconut oil is in NANOIL HAIR OILS!

Proven product, i.e. one of two Nanoil hair oils, which as the only one match protective hair layer made of flat cuticles. Nanoil hair oils take care of hair, but also scalp. Why two versions when there are three in the Nanoil hair oil collection? Nanoil for high porosity hair does not contain coconut oil because it is not recommended for damaged hair and can result in frizzy appearance.

Nanoil for Low and Medium Porosity HairThe two remaining hair oils contain natural cold pressed and unrefined coconut oil obtained from the best world plantations.

Nanoil for Low Porosity Hair – is hair oil for difficult to style and requiring constant protection hair, coconut oil can provide that. Besides that one, Nanoil in this version also contains eight other natural oils and six additional substances essential for complex action. How does it work? Nanoil for low porosity hair speeds up drying time, protects hair against high temperatures, limits water loss and prevents excess hair loss. Heretofore, heavy and straight hair gain volume, become susceptible to styling and grow faster.

Nanoil for Medium Porosity Hair – is hair oil for weak hair prone to dryness, breakage and split ends. Coconut oil protects sensitive hair structures against damages and ends against splitting. In this version of Nanoil hair oil are five other oils complemented with six enhancing substances. What does it mean? Nanoil for medium porosity hair ensures hair with strengthening, regeneration and complex protection. It prevents frizzy hair, makes it elastic, adds softness and gloss, limits excess hair loss and speeds up hair growth. It emphasises natural coil, prevents fly-aways and facilitates work with hair.

What other cosmetics contain coconut oil?

You have many possibilities because unique properties and excellent availability of coconut oil works on its popularity. You can take care of your hair with masks, conditioners, milk and oils based on coconut oil or with it in the composition. However, not all of them will meet your hair needs. You need to remember that coconut oil on damaged hair will make it frizzy instead of helping.

An attractive and natural proposition is Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil. Dabur Vatika hair oil is popular because it costs little and is rich in natural nourishing ingredients. It ensures hair with health, gloss and hydration. Besides coconut oil, it contains extract of six Asian herbs, lemon and henna. It can darken hair.

bumble-and-bumble-hairdressers-invisible-oil-heatuv-protective-primerFor those of you who like their natural hair colour much better will be Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk. That is strengthening serum with coconut milk, proteins of egg yolk and coconut oil. It has nourishing and moisturising action. Helps restore and strengthen hair, but also regenerates hair ends. The product is a quite affordable proposition.

What about hair styling? Here is also cosmetic with coconut oil – Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer. The cosmetic is an ethereal mix of six oils, which fulfil the protective base function. It limits the harmful impact of high temperature during the styling and sun radiation. The main quality here is the formula of light mist.

Will you find it also in cosmetics for skin care?

Coconut oil is more than an amazing hair oil. It also works on dry and requiring nourishment skin of face and body. No wonder that it can be found in many more affordable and a bit more expensive cosmetics. Two out of the most compelling propositions were listed below.

Probably everyone heard of famous Hollywood face masks, GlamGlow. One of them contains coconut oil – GlamGlow Thirstymud™ Hydrating Treatment.glamglow-thirstymud-hydrating-treatment The manufacturer has used four advanced technologies for sustainable and deep moisturising effect. High concentration of hyaluronic acid, special clay and coconut oil in combination with natural flower honey is a secret to the GlamGlow face mask. It is worth a try.

If you are not someone who likes face masks, you will probably enjoy other proposition, SKIN79 Coconut Cleansing Oil. That cosmetic combines cleansing action with hydration. Coconut oil and safflower oil are two components responsible for nourishment, elasticity and firmness restoration. However, SKIN79 Coconut Cleansing Oil fulfils also another important task – most of all it quickly and easily removes make-up and other pollutions.

Which cosmetic with coconut oil would you choose?